The SAFE Toolbox provides a set of functions to perform Global Sensitivity Analysis in Matlab/Octave environment.
It implements several methods, including the Elementary Effects Test, Regional Sensitivity Analysis, Variance-Based (Sobol’) sensitivity analysis and the novel PAWN method.

Why using SAFE

  • Modular structure to facilitate interactions with other computing environments
  • Set of functions to assess the robustness and convergence of sensitivity indices
  • Several visualization tools to investigate and communicate GSA results
  • Lots of comments in the code and workflow examples to get started

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A general introduction to the rationale and architecture of SAFE is given in:

Pianosi, F., Sarrazin, F., Wagener, T. (2015), A Matlab toolbox for Global Sensitivity Analysis, Environmental Modelling & Software, 70, 80-85. (Open Access)

More information about the code usage and specific references to the implemented methods can be found in the workflow scripts provided with the Toolbox and in the help of each function.


The development of SAFE was supported by the UK Natural Environment Research Council through the Consortium on Risk in the Environment: Diagnostics, Integration, Benchmarking, Learning and Elicitation (CREDIBLE) [NE/J017450/1]